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  • How do I book private lessons?
    Before pairing you with the right teacher we recommend our free 15-20 minute consultation via zoom. Please email us with your name, or your child's name, age, and instrument of choice at Once we receive your email we will reach out to you and schedule a time! We are also available for consultations by phone at (925) 487-9789
  • Do you accept refunds from unused lessons?
    Unfortunately we do not accept any returns or refunds of any unused lessons. In lieu of refunds we love to give credit back to you for the next month, or you can donate them to another student in our school, or one of your own choice. We call this our Pay It Forward Program.
  • What's Recess for Parents (RFP)?
    Recess for Parents is where our story begins! In the beginning of CoVid19 in March, we had noticed a need for virtual interaction for Joshua's two sons, (10 and 8). We created RFP, a hour long class to discuss music, music culture and its social impacts, we play fun games and write silly songs, and of course the student's favorite, Song Share where they each bring a (non explicit content and lyrics) song of their choice! We then discuss it as a class. RFP is offered to all students ages 5-12 enrolled in private lessons with Good Vibes Music Academy at no charge! The first week is free to new student's as well so please contact us if you or your child is interested!
  • How long are lessons and how frequently do you meet?
    We recommend each private lesson to be 30 minutes or an hour, once a week, 4x a month. We are unique in that we create individualized lesson plans for each of our students. For example some take 15 minutes of songwriting and then 15 minutes of piano, or guitar and voice concurrently.
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